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Manufacturers And Exporter of Liquid Syrup Plant, Liquid oral section

Company Profile:
Prism Pharma Machinery was first established in January 2003 with the objective for manufacturing
Prism Pharma Machinery is a leading engineering company, with a reputation for designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning fabricated stainless steel process vessels, tank, reactors and liquid syrup and ointment manufacturing plant. We have earned the trust of many companies over the past 2 decades.
The entire manufacturing process is ERP System with controls at every stage ensuring proper integration and monitoring of all procedures and systems within the organization. There is no compromise on any aspect of quality or service linked to the final product.
Technology :
Technology has been the backbone of the company’s progress. The latest techniques are used at all stages of product design and development.
The company’s team for product development activities focuses on future trends and needs, making Prism’s equipment more efficient and user-friendly.
Our constant focus on research has led to the production of a variety of high quality and innovative equipment and systems in the past two decades and more.
Value System

·         Prism Pharma Machinery, since inception, is deep-rooted in its value system instilled in each of its members which reflects in their day-to-day life.
·         Energize others with your own energy.
·         Be competitive with cost-effective products, yet advanced, by embracing the latest technology.
·         See opportunity in every change.
·         Maximize performance and maintain consistent high levels of achievement.

Our Product Range includes:

  • Liquid/Syrup/Oral Processing & packaging Systems.
  • Blending vessels with magnetic mixers/sterile mixer.
  • Agitator / stirrer.
  • Dispo homo Reactor.
  • Skid Cleaning in Place (CIP) modules/Sterilization in Place (SIP) modules.
  • Bin washing system.
  • Colloid Mill.
  • Centrifuge.
  • Customized Processing system.

For quality assurance, following in-house testing facilities:
·  For Surface finish measuring instrument.
·  Plate thickness measuring instruments.
·  Boroscopy instruments for weld joint of pipes.
·  Hydraulic Testing.
·  Argon welding facilities for Tanks & Vessels.
·  Buffing machines for uniform surface finish.

We follow International Standards, Codes and Norms for vessels, pipings, Sterile Liquid Processing System as a primary requirement of cGMP practice.

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